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In the East Coast for the first time!

I was so excited to be visiting the East Coast for the first time! I was there for the Asian American Journalists Convention 2017. I have been to several journalism conferences, but this was the first time I made it to the AAJA one. Special thanks to Buick. They were a sponsor for the conference, and hosted six journalists along for the trip--I was one of them! I hope some of you were able to follow me on Instagram Stories and Snapchat, as I was posting all the way. If not, here are some of the highlights! I'll also be posting more photos on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the next week.

First, I went to New York, and stayed at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, This was a new and fresh experience for me. The hotel was very eco-friendly, and its theme was very clearly revolving sustainability. What's nice is that I got a really nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge from my window! It looks just like the picture I have with it in the above top slideshow.

The next day, I explored New York. I visited the most famous sites, including the Empire State Building, Fearless Girl/Charging Bull Statues (which I did a related video for on #AmyLieuPresents), Times Square, and 30 Rock(efeller). New York City was definitely very fast-paced. People don't stop for anything. They just keep going. It reminded me of Hong Kong, when I studied abroad there--a lot of people walking in the streets, and walking very fast. It's not like that in L.A., where most people drive. Even if they walk in the street, they do so more slowly. I didn't have enough time to visit all the places I wanted to in NY, but I'll be back for Central Park and the Statue of Liberty!

Then, I drove my red Buick Encore (seen in the top first slideshow) from Brooklyn to Philadelphia. It took me about 2 hours. We stayed at the Loews Hotel in Philly, which was another beautiful hotel. It was definitely more modern. I was also lucky enough to get a view of Philly's skyline from the window view (seen below).

This is an incredible view from the 31st floor of my room at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia!

The next few days involved attending the AAJA Convention, which was also held at the Loews Hotel. I attended a few panels and the Expo. The conference concluded with a gala. I was glad to meet new fellow journalists and see old friends. It was nice connecting with them over similar passions and interests in news, digital media, and journalism.

Before I left Philadelphia, I was able to see some of the most famous sights, from the historic Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Magic Gardens.

Of course, me being a foodie, I couldn't leave Philadelphia without trying a Philly Cheesesteak! I have to admit, it was quite heavy, but I'm glad I tried it.

It was all a great experience. I am grateful to Buick for this trip!

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