My Mom's Experience as a Vietnam War Refugee on #AmyLieuPresents

[in TEO-CHEWChinese w/ English Subtitiles]

Musician Priska on #AmyLieuPresents! & This or That GAME!

Longtime Actor George Q. Nguyen on #AmyLieuPresents! 

Phil Yu, Blogger of AngryAsianMan, on #AmyLieuPresents

Comedian Jenny Yang on #AmyLieuPresents

Singer Larissa Lam on #AmyLieuPresents

Pho King Awesome Food Truck on #AmyLieuPresents #ontheroad

How to Make Pho with Pho King Awesome on #AmyLieuPresents

How to Make Phunky Fried Rice with Pho King Awesome

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